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CONTACT: If you’d like to contact us, please email to the address below. We love to hear from fans, or talk to fellow enthusiasts about fantasy puppets and comedy films.  dragontv@albatrossart.co.uk 
SUPPORT OUR WORK WITH A DONATION If you like what we do here at Dragon TV, you might like to make a donation to support our work. This website and our films starring puppets are entirely self  funded. Donate whatever you like - you set the amount, anything from a pound or a dollar and up! Your donation will appear under ‘Albatross Art’ which is the  name of our Paypal account. To donate using Paypal or your debit/credit card, please click on the ‘donate’ button below now.  thanks a million!
ABOUT US: Dragon TV is a project involving the development of new films and videos for online distribution where puppets are the stars: Dragons, goblins, trolls, faeries,  witches, wizards and even snakes and crows! We hope you enjoy the free groundbreaking comedy videos we produce. Most of the people involved have given  their time for nothing. The other costs of the project have been heavily subsidised and sponsored by Albatross Art and Dreamworlds, which are both commercial  businesses, publishing art prints and books respectively.  With thanks to Mary Hadley, Gerry Dixon, Max bantleman, Nikki Lloyd, Katherine, Sarah Holroyd, Willow, Cornelius Clifford, and everyone else who has helped  make Dragon TV a reality.  best regards, Greg Stephens 
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